Fat Girl Fitness


Our Philosophy is simple:

Anyone can learn to run, no matter what your fitness level, shape, or size. All you need are sneakers and a big fat smile. No diets, no pressure, no gimmicks, just a ...

Fat Girl Running 

Now some people tell me that calling myself a "Fat Girl" is degrading when referring to me and the company.  I have never thought that way.  Fat Girl Running and all of the other fitness logos I have is meant to empower.  If you show them what you are capable of they can't bring you down.  I say forget them and just show them what you can do.


We’re a fitness, training, and health group with a strong commitment towards those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

  • Complete Running/ Walking Training Plans
  • Weekly Exercise Routine to build up strength with out spending a fortune.
  • A Fat Girl Blog that is interactive where we discuss what it means to be a "Fat Girl" getting healthy.
  • Quarterly incentives to keep you motivated.
  • A safe environment for you to participate in all things fitness.

Get to know us

I started this company years ago for the sole purpose of showing women that they can achieve goals no matter what size they were.  The name comes from a running race division for women who are over 160 lbs.  The division is called Athena.  Now if you look at that number you're like what are they thinking a fit athletic women could weigh 160 lbs.  I felt well lets really call it what they are thinking and call us fat girls.